At Slash, we are far more than the work we do. We’re a sum of many different and diverse parts, and all of those parts are important. So we created the Ripple Collective as a reflection of that, a place to hold all those parts, to understand how they fit together and experience the magic when they overlap. 
The Ripple Collective is who we are and what we love - who we are is complicated, mainly because of what we love: Design, architecture, making, cycling, good ideas, concept stores, the saxophone riff in Careless Whisper by George Michael, our kids, running, Netflix binges, Aesop, cake, Friends re-runs, being inspired, being challenged, field trips, and way way way more. 

The Ripple Collective is made up of a family of projects which are in turn all powered by a family of people.
We love each of these different parts and especially how they fit together. The Ripple is watching those things that we are passionate about spread, the Collective is seeing the many different passions and people in one place.

The Ripple Collective is made up of:



Slash is a strategic design studio.
We think for purpose and impact, driven by our natural makers spirit.

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Kingdom is all about
urban bicycle culture.
We make, ride and and race urban adventure machines, beautiful fixed gear and single speed bikes that get you from A to B while also looking really good.

Know more here.

Fabrica is a makers platform.
It’s where custom designs come to life in physical objects, where we combine our passion for stories with getting our hands dirty, and making stuff that matters.

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This//That is a concept store,
with concept food.

It’s where we get everything that we like about products and food under the same roof, mostly for own pleasure, and sharable with our best friends.

We’ll have more to share soon.



Ripple Collective is a Slash Ventures Inc. brand.
Bay Square 3, 501, Dubai, UAE.